Friday, January 18, 2013


One of our projects was making a lantern out of paper. We cut out the design we wanted and then put tracing paper on the back. Most of the students used glass containers to put inside their lanterns and so when they lit a candle, put it inside the glass container, and turned off the lights you could see the design. We also had to pick a seasonal theme like summer, fall, winter, or spring. For my lantern i picked spring, liked the idea of the plants growing again and trees growing out their leaves and i think it is a very nice time of the year. For my lanterns i decided to to make them hang with a light bulb inside instead of a candle and for my one lantern i tinted the tracing paper so it was not just white. It was a long process and a little tedious considering for my one lantern i had to manually glue the entire paper and tracing paper together, but I am very happy with the way my lanterns had come out.

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