Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marking Period One

So far this year we have done decorative pages for our books, our shoe drawing, and our collage. About two months have already passed and I realize how quickly the art periods go by while you’re having fun creating new art. I am definitely learning that I have matured in my art since sophomore year; I found that not every paper has to be bright, happy, and pink! I was a little worried about doing my drawing and my collage in the beginning because of my lack of working with art for a year. Although now I think I am back in the groove. I have rediscovered how to do some techniques, shade my drawings, and just go with whatever you feel would look awesome!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Collage Inspiration

Mrs. Kiick showed me this website that is incredibly interesting and really makes you question who is running our country. It shows how our democracy is slowly falling apart due to big businesses, for example the businesses put millions of dollars into elections telling the people who to vote for in order to benefit themselves, the big corporations. It is really a sad thing but this website puts it all into perspective and has gotten many people involved to prevent these businesses from doing this and taking advantage of us, the people. So watch this video or some of the other ones they have also, I recommend the cosmetics one. Bye!
This is my political collage! I focused on the issue of greediness, how the government is corrupted, and how a lot of the reason is because of money. How people care way too much about money, that politicians have stolen from the government many times, how you have to be a millionaire to even run for president and represent America in which the majority of the population is the middle class and the poor, and etc. I could go on about this subject but instead I will explain how I had gotten my finished product. First I did a magazine transfer and pasted a few things down to get my background and then I cut out 99 percent and put it in the middle of my paper to symbolize the 99 percent of people who are struggling in this country and how only 1 percent have everything to live comfortably. After that I pasted a few strips of newspaper onto my page, and then I covered my paper with black ink and hoped that it would turn out alright and it did! I then dry brushed over some of the dark areas to make it brighter and drew in a little bit with colored pencil. This project was a little tough for me because I am gravitated more towards drawing but in the end I enjoyed making my collage and experimenting with mixed media.


This is my shoe drawing, in this picture there are two sneakers and the shoe on the bottom right are flats. In the beginning of drawing this I was a little doubtful, especially since I had not drawn for about a year. Also I just did not know quite how to approach it, I would look at the blank piece of paper and I just did not know where to start. Although when I finally got started I could not stop and now I am pretty satisfied with the way it turned out. When I was finished my shoes I used water color and painted in the middle and the spots that were still white in the drawing. I enjoyed this project a lot and I enjoyed looking at all the other shoe drawings too. I hope you like my drawing!