Monday, April 8, 2013

A Week at The Beach

As we cross the bridge I roll down my window and breathe in the stale salty bay, oh how I love that smell. Every summer my family and I spend a week down the shore. I love it! We go to the beach all day, go out to dinner, and then spend quality time watching a movie, walking the beach at night, or playing board games. It is a way to escape from the troubles and responsibilities that well all have at home and at the same time spending it with the people I love. We approach the small blue house that I so eagerly want to settle into for the rest of the week. I walk up the cracked tan side walk lined with these puffy white flowers with long yellow stems in the middle and a black dot that reminds me of an eye. I walk inside the house that holds all of the wonderful memories we had in the past years and start to unpack immediately. For the rest of the night we play our favorite game where you have to finish a sentence that the game gives you and guess who said what on their card. I wake up to my mother singing to my sister and I to get up and ready to go swimming. I have to drag myself out of my comfy bed and put on my bathing suit, for some reason I always sleep better with the fresh ocean air. The walk to the beach is quit a chore, even though it is only three blocks away the green heads are nasty and bite at your legs. When we finally get to the beach we pick a spot to settle our towels and bags and enjoy the beautiful eighty degree weather. We swim, tan, and roam the boardwalk searching for a place to eat dinner. My mother picks a small Italian restaurant; even though it was pretty expensive the food was delicious and we all enjoyed ourselves. On the walk home we all carry something back to the house and of course I get stuck with the cooler. My sister calls back to me asking if I need help because I slowly start drifting away from the rest of the group. I reassure her that I will be fine and not to wait up. I eventually make it to the house and unload the cooler, I then walk in and pass out on the couch exhausted from the sunny day. By the time I knew it we were packing up our clothes and the cars to leave for home. Every year we take a picture with us all standing outside the house with sad faces and then load up into the car. Watching the island as we drive away always makes me sad to say goodbye. Then I remember next year we will be back to make more wonderful memories.


  1. "...swim, tan, and roam the boardwalk..." the perfect day especally with the people you love!

  2. Great story! Loved all of the details. Really makes my me wish it was summer right now.